Bringing Homecare experience and expertise to everyone.

Charlette Palencia

C.E.O. & President

I started MAGIC TOUCH HOME CARE to accomplish one goal and one goal only:

To give P.R.I.M.E. Care to Clients and Assurance to Family Members that their loved ones are cared for lovingly like our own family...

  • 2010 - MAGIC TOUCH HOMECARE founded
  • 2012 -Orgenized fundraising for the Alzheimer's Association
  • 2013 - C.E.O Charlette Palencia was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year by the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce-Orange County 
  • 2015 - Magic Touch Homecare participated in the walk to end Alzheimer's in Anaheim Stadium 

Chief Operations Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


We, at Magic Touch Homecare, envision a tradition of remarkable and passionate service that provides equal opportunities for all the elderly to be cared for lovingly like our own family.


Empowered by our Passion in what we do.
Driven by Service to make the elderly feel loved and cared for.
Guided by Standards as we treat Clients and Patients like our own Family.

Our founder


‚ÄčWith over 10 years in the Homecare business, Ace is our resident expert on Client Relations and Marketing. 

our leadership team

alana yeo

Alana supervises the daily operations of the business and is ultimately responsible for its performance, ensuring that operations is never caught off guard.

Shirley politico

Shirley oversees all aspects

of human resource management, 

relations, policies, practices and operations for the organization.


P.R.I.M.E. Care to Clients and Assurance to Family Members.

Safety, security and trust.

Determining your options.

Reasonable rates.

‚ÄčExperience and expertise.

Chief Human Resource Officer